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         Complete Automation of studs welding from a single Source
  • THOMAS WELDING SYSTEMS develops and manufactures stationary stud welding machines encompassing everything from manually operated bench top units to fully automatic CNC stud welding systems with large work envelopes
  • Our technical representatives will work with your organization to provide the solution to your stud welding application
Studs Welding head
Automatic Stud Welding head
Studs Welding Gun
Automatic Stud Welding Gun
Handling device
Handling device for welding studs with a head or a gun
Production Stud Welder
production studs welder
Automatic studs feeder
Automatic studs feeder bowl
pneumatic toggle clamp for studwelding
CNC 500 x 300
CNC Coordinate Table for welding studs
CNC 400x400 and more
CNC Coordinate Systems for welding studs
Custom Project
Custom project for welding studs
Robotic Studwelding
Robotic studs welding