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Bench Mounted Systems (with manual or automatic stud feeding)
  • The welding head is mounted over a robust aluminum profile table and is available with both hand fed and automatic feed system
  • Weld head is pneumatically operated with all controls initiated by push button switches mounted on the front of the table
  • The vertical guidance of the stud welding gun allows more precise welds
  • Exact positioning of the studs, ergonomic operating layout, automatic grounding with simultaneous fixing of the workpiece
  • Suitable for semi-automatic (manual stud feeding) and automatic use (automatic stud feeding by studs feeder)
  • Simple handling and short retooling time (chuck and loading tube quickly changeable)
  • Highest accuracy in positioning of welding elements
  • High service life through high-grade mechanical components
  • Precision guidance protected from welding spatters
  • optional: inert gas device

SWH-02 Bench Mounted Systems with 1 studwelding head and manual or automatic stud feeding

Welding Process : - Capacitor Discharge
- Drawn Arc
- Short Cycle
Welding ranges : ě 2 - ě 8 mm
(ě 2 - ě 12 mm on request)
Studs length :  6 - 30 mm
(6 - 50 mm on request)
Welding HeadáPneumatic Stroke : 80 mm  
Height Manual positioning : 130 mm + 40 mm (fine adjustment)  
Stud Feeding : Manual and automatic  
Power supply : by studs welder  
Cycle Start : 2 push button start  
Workpiece clamping : Manuel ou automatique  
Air Pressure : 6 bar  
Weight : 35 Kg  
Dimensions : 450 x 530 x 550 mm