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Robot for studwelding applications

Robotic welding of studs Welding robots
  • For studwelding applications, we makes use of the only robot manufacturer completely focusing on welding robot systems. They not only supply robot arms and control cabinets, but also welding machines, welding wire supply systems, welding torches, (off-line programming) software and peripheral equipment. Because all parts of the installation are made by the same manufacturer, they link up with each other perfectly.
Handling robots
  • Due to the ever increasing demand for our expertise and thanks to an extensive assortment of robots, with handling capacities of 6 to 700 kg, several projects for handling and pick&place applications have been realized with these robots.
Studs Welding Robots
The very latest technology:
  • Extremely high reliability.
  • 1-to-1 communication and integration with power sources, external axes, (manipulators and longitudinal guides)
  • DTPS off-line programmable, PPS (Program Protection System) possible, New: GLOBAL CONTROLLER with DIGITAL INTERFACE.
Robot arm:
  • High acceleration and deceleration of the robot axes, Fluent and rapid movements, More rapid driving gears.
  • All axes independent from each other, Newest RV-gear transmissions, Highly rigid structure.
  • Large working volume. (large external diameter and small internal diameter)
  • Slim construction for complex robot cells and/or difficult products and moulds
  • Dust and splash proof. (IP54 standard, IP65 possible)
  • Very accurate positioning with the compact 'Pana Dice' manipulators
  • These manipulators are freely programmable.
  • The Pana Dice manipulators are available in 200, 500 and 1000 kg. Very heavy products can also be studwelded with a robot, using manipulators up to 5000 kg
  • By means of a manipulator, the robot can easily be placed in an ideal welding position. The product can be tipped to enhance the robot range
Standard cell

  • A simple and flexible solution for minimum investment costs. With fixed tables or rough-turning table.
  • Because of the two workstations, the robot is able to produce at one side, while the operator feeds and discharges the products on the other side. The unit can be enhanced with various safety devices and various types of welding tables.



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