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CNC Studs welder 500 x 300 mm

  • The system developed is a CNC controlled very compact bench-type positioning system for automatic stud welding production. This system has the ability to automatically load and weld ě 3 mm to ě 8 mm studs over a 500 X 300 mm process area within a tolerance of 0.2 mm accuracy.
  • Cost effective operation already with small and medium quantities.
  • The system includes a pneumatic valve for automatic product clamping.
CNC 300x500 positioning system for automatic stud welding production
Technical Specifications
Welding range : ě 3 - ě 8 mm
Travel-scope : X-axis: 500 mm / Y-axis: 300 mm
Clamping area T-slot plate : 540 x 340 mm with 15 T-grooves
X-Y axis : running in spherical ball bushing and sliding guides
Z-axis : Standard Pneumatic  /  Motorized in option
Positioning accuracy : +/- 0,2 mm
Repeating accuracy : +/- 0,1 mm
Resolution: : +/- 0,025 mm
Max. traverse rate : 8 m/min
Welding Head : 1 welding head (Capacitors Discharge or Short Cycle)
Mains supply : 230 VAC ▒ 10% (50 Hz)
Size (w x h x l) : 1000x1000x1000 mm
Actuations : stepper motors
User friendly handling : operation and program creation via menu-driven plain
   text display and touch screen
Optional:  - Manual and/or automatic stud feeding

menu-driven plain text display
  and touch screen

Manual stud feeding 

Automatic studs feedng 


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