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Coppered steel

Stainless steel





ě 2 - ě 5

ě 2 - ě 3

ě 3

  • The pins are primarily designed as welded fasteners to secure blanket and board insulation to metal heating and air conditioning ducts, ovens, tanks and other hot or cold equipment.
  • CFN pins have a weld tip designed for the Capacitors Discharge welding process, but may also be welded with the Short Cycle Drawn Arc weld process. They are designed to be welded to thin gauge sheet material using tip ignition according to the capacitors discharge welding process. 
  • Other grades, i.e. AISI 316 (A4), AISI 310 are available on request 
  • Copper coating is standard on mild steel pins.
  • Self-Locking washers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.


clou aiguille isolation CD pour soudage par dÚcharge de condensateur d2


ě 2 15 - 225 mm
ě 3 12 - 600 mm
ě 4 12 - 600 mm
ě 5 12 - 600 mm